Writing Your Best Physical Goals: Identifying Your North Star

Updated: Sep 22

Every physical therapy session begins with the identification of goals. Every workout program should too. Goals cannot come from anyone else- they must originate within you.

We can have lofty goals, or more earth bound goals- what is really important is to have an emotional tie into the goal (we will look at hope in subsequent weeks)- you must choose a goal that makes your heart sing.

Your goal should be like a north star- guiding you in the direction of your truest heart’s desire.

Over the course of your work, you will be asked to try a novel approach. This can be disorientating at best, it is truly challenging- and you will need the hopefulness that you associate with your fulfilled goal so that you can stay on track.

I also recognize that it can be scary to hope- to go for something as adults after failure and pain can be so tough. But really, what are our options? Not going for things, not having hope feels too limiting. I would rather fail trying to do what I love, than never try at all.

Pain reduction:

It is not enough of a goal to simply reduce pain. I like to prompt folks, if your pain was less, what would you do? We need to move beyond the goal of simply existing- to thriving and fulfilling our deepest desire.

A Check In: This is a suggestion from Selma Lewis, PhD, Psychotherapist

When you are creating a goal, it is really important to check in with a trusted friend. You can ask your friend, what they think about this goal for you? If it seems like it would be in your best interest.

I had never thought of a check in, but I can see how this practice, with a trusted person you can really be vulnerable with, would be so helpful for crafting a meaningful goal. If you have a medical condition, you can always share your goal with a specialist provider in the field. They may have other clients who were able to achieve what you hope to.