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Dr. Trina Mann   |    PT, DPT, OCS

Once upon a time, I was a competitive gymnast. My then-doctor warned me, that with the way I was treating my body, I would easily be riddled with arthritis by the time I turned 30. This of course surprised me because I trained not only to perfect my sport, but also to be healthy, fit, and strong. An alarm sounded and quickly became the catalyst for my interest in using movement and exercise to safeguard and prevent injury, not to cause it.

After pursuing my undergraduate studies in kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movement), I knew I had found my calling. After receiving my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I furthered my passion for preventative movement by spending my free time, outside of my daily work, in teaching and research environments learning  the best-evidenced injury and pathology prevention practices.

Throughout my career as an orthopedic specialist, I continued to see so much suffering, similar to what I had experienced when I was a young athlete.

The unnecessary pain and injury caused by misinformation, overtraining, comparison to others, undertraining, training with poor form, and everything in between can be avoided with deep insight. Properly training the body for movements that we love (hiking, running, dancing) gifts us additional years to do just that. I truly fell in love with helping others to effectively heal, prevent further injuries when moving, and to promote lifelong function in the body. 

Mindset and Movements is a safe place where you have access to my education and clinical expertise. It is my honor to be a resource for you. Together we can rediscover the joy of movement with a healing mindset and smart exercise and lifestyle choices. It is my deep intention that you will learn how to modify all movements to best suit your needs through the process of these classes and workshops. 

You can absolutely live pain-free, and enjoy years and years of doing more of what you love. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide, and let us begin!

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