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Trina Mann   |    PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist

It may be so incredibly strange to some, but physical movement is the first love of my life. From the time I could roll onto my back in the water as a baby, physicality has brought so much joy, wonder and connection. I am so deeply grateful for all of the trails canopied with redwoods I have walked upon, all of the sunrises on the pacific I have glimpsed from my surfboard, all of the snowy vistas I have had the opportunity to shiver in. Movement has been a lifeline for me to discover my own wildness, creativity and expansiveness. In school, I chose to pursue my doctorate in Physical Therapy because of my intention to help others connect to their own innate gift. I have practiced as an orthopedic physical therapist since 2007, and during that time, I have established an expertise in watching and teaching movement.

Unfortunately, I have also spent too much time witnessing needless suffering among my patients. Our current medical system is not established to provide preventative orthopedic medicine. The system we currently have is reactionary- our wisdom and care only activated once pathology exists. Yet for those of us deeply steeped in the field of orthopedics, we know there are movement and strength related factors that set people up for pain and pathology.

Learning the basics of biomechanics (what physical forces you create on your body and how to change them), the basics of how to protect musculoskeletal tissues, becoming educated in what pain is and how it manifests in your body- these are all strategies you can employ today to reduce your suffering in the future.

I developed Mindset + Movements courses and workouts to share with you what we know about orthopedic pathology prevention in the field of movement science.

It is my deepest hope to help you reconnect with the joy that is possible through an easeful and educated relationship with the physical body and movement. 

Mindset + Movements is a space where you have access to my education and clinical pearls, which rely on the expertise of giants in the movement science and rehabilitation fields. To see my influences, please check out our resources

You may have had a challenged relationship with fitness or movement in the past, please know it is never too late to learn how to let movement be the medicine that nourishes your body, your soul. It is my honor to be a resource for you as you deepen your connection to your physical self. Together we can rediscover the joy of movement with a healing mindset and smart exercise and lifestyle choices.

Thank you for allowing me to be your guide, and let us begin!

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