Practical Strength - Live Courses

If you have never taken a Practical Strength course before, please begin with Practical Strength - Foundations 1. Follow that with Foundations 2 and Foundations 3 which are offered on demand as recordings. 

Once you have completed all three levels, please do join our community of women in Practical Strength - Group Training

All live classes are one month in duration. Please register prior to the first Monday or Wednesday (whichever comes first) of the month. 

Practical Strength - Foundations 1

Begin at the very beginning

M, W from 9:30-10:30AM
recordings of each session are emailed after class

In month one, we begin learning the  essential exercises that women need to perform on a consistent basis to age healthfully. We also heavily focus on neutral spine stability.

Practical Strength -

Group Training

Workout smarter not harder

M, W from 8-9AM

recordings of each session are emailed after class

In month four and beyond, we have all built a solid foundation of strength in our bodies! We now explore new progressions of our movements and enjoy working out together as a community.