Shoulders That Sing: The Shoulder Is Really a Complex

I know I write this about every joint in the body, but shoulders are truly one of my very favorite body parts to work with!

Shoulder injuries and pain are so common- everyone from overhead athletes to couch potatoes can experience shoulder pain in their lifetime- I think it is important we take a good minute to soak in what we presently know about the shoulders, and practices to keep them healthy.

Over the course of the next month, we will examine the following topics as they relate to our beautiful shoulder joints:

  1. The shoulder is really a complex (a series of 4 joints) instead of just one joint

  2. There is a symbiotic relationship between our mid back (thoracic spine), our ribs and our shoulder function

  3. The ball and socket joint of our shoulder (aka our glenohumeral joint- GH joint), is greatly challenged in stability and the rotator cuff is a wonderful series of 4 muscles and tendons specifically designed to help our GH joint maintain stability

  4. Your shoulder has a rhythm

I am excited for each of you to cultivate more awareness of your incredible shoulders, and to get shoulders that truly sing! Let’s get started this week by exploring the anatomy of the four joints that make up the shoulder complex.

  1. The Shoulder Is Really a Complex

Reflect for a moment on all of the things you have heard over the years to maintain shoulder :

“stand up straight, pull your shoulder blades together, motion is lotion”