Preserving Function and Reducing Injury: Building Your Movement Like a Pyramid

There are two big issues I see when people become injured frequently with movement. Take a look to see if you fall into either of these categories:

1) A mismatch in what folks are asking their bodies to do and how they are training

2) Lopsided training

Think about your movement as a pyramid.

Mobility/Strength are pretty clearly defined. They are collectively the amount you can move, and also your given strength in that area.

Biomechanics can also be thought of as your self selected movement patterns. If you run, it is how you run, how you squat, how your head may fall forward after spending hours at your desk.

Skill relates to your movements that are complex and require your mobility/strength as well as biomechanics. Skills can be athletic- such as running hurdles or throwing a full on a balance beam, but for most of us they relate to more mundane tasks (such as rolling out heavy garbage cans or carrying groceries up a flight of stairs.