Insight: Seeing Clearly Where We Are In the Moment

When we work on our beautiful gems of goals that sparkle enticingly (and sometimes, infuriatingly) just outside of our grasp, can we work steadily toward them, chipping away to unearth them, like a patient sculptor?

Or do we want them so badly we thrash with anticipation- vacillating wildly in one direction and then the next in our approach?

Or a little of both?

Know Your Patterns/ Habits:

When I speak with clients, I am always concerned when, after their first appointment with me they say things like “ I just want to work on performance” or “would you recommend I start work with this other trainer while we are starting our work?”

Neither of the above are a good idea when you have an orthopedic issue you are working with.

Keep it simple and strive for a middle approach. If you typically overdo, do less. If you under do, do more. If you stretch excessively, stretch less. If you only do cardio, do more strengthening.

It can be so tempting to want to rush out of the gate in our excitement to improve. When we have an issue, we may want to throw a bunch at it and see what works. But I know that slow and steady wins the race. Start with one approach. Master it. Squeeze all of the tidbits of knowledge you can get out of it and integrate it into your being. And then see where you are at before adding in another perspective or practitioner.