Exploring the Phases of Gait (walking)

Over the course of the month of July we will be focusing on all things walking related. We will explore certain critical features that are required for “normal” human gait (walking).

I have biomechanics as idols the way some people idolize celebrities, or other teachers! Over the course of this month, we will be looking at two wonderful biomechanists who have helped firmly establish the science of gait mechanics.

During this first week, I would love to let you all know a little about the incredible medical pioneer that helped document and create our modern knowledge about the biomechanics of walking.

During her long, successful medical career, Dr. Jacquelin Perry pursued many different perspectives. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in physical education in 1940, and went on to achieve her certificate (it was a certificate program at the time!) in physical therapy.

She went further in her studies, enrolling in medical school where she became deeply involved in gait studies at the biomechanics lab at UCSF. She became the first woman to graduate UCSF medical school with a specialty in orthopedic surgery.

She pursued the field of gait mechanics and over her long career as a researcher and clinician, helped to establish much of what we currently know in gait mechanics.

The gait lab is a super exciting space. There are infrared cameras to capture