Practical Strength - Group Training

Practical Strength - Group Training


Now that you've completed all three of the Foundations courses, you can join our larger Practical Strength community of women! We workout every Monday and Wednesday from 8-9am. We always begin by warming up on the foam roller by practice movements that wake up the spine and pelvic floor. We always finish by challenging our balance and stretching. In between the two, we:

  • advance your functional four strengthening exercises using circuits and tabata - squat, lunge, plank, and press

  • practice daily movements that promote safety and injury-prevention as we ago

  • slowly begin to incorporate plyo-jumping once single-leg calf raises, single-leg squats, single-leg bridges, and plank are mastered

  • perform various movement challenges while always finding neutral spine; progress to where our abdominal brace automatically turns without our deliberate doing (necessary for returning to conventional workout classes) 

  • continue strengthening the back body (especially the glutes and upper trapezius muscle groups) in order to prevent neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, and postrual compression and pain

  • increase flexibility and strength of the spine in order to enhance bone density safety

  • evolve balance challenges to prevent injury and build more confidence in our movements

  • learn from one another and build community around positive aging and wellness


M, W from 8-9AM 

Sign in at 7:50 for troubleshooting, Q&A

Stay on from 9-9:10 for stretching, Q&A

Recording links sent following class, available for one week