Practical Strength - Foundations 1

Practical Strength - Foundations 1


Foundations 1 begins the first Monday of every month.

Every M, W from 9:30-10:30AM

Sign in at 9:20 for troubleshooting, Q&A

Stay on from 10:30-40 for stretching, Q&A

Recordings are sent following the class and are available for one week.


Most of us have accepted chronic pain as a way of life. We say that we're used to it, that everyone has some pain here and there, and that it's just an inevitable part of aging. We make attempts to alleviate the pain through exercise (think lots and lots of cardio) and stretching, since that's what experts say we should be doing. We push ourselves to attend every HIIT class, every run, and every yoga class. And yet, we don't feel stronger, better, or healthier. After many workouts, our bodies are completely wiped. We may have difficulty walking, strained muscles in our necks and shoulders, and soreness that may possibly even be an injury. 


For those of you looking for a new way, here we choose to work with the body instead of against the body. In the Practical Strength courses, we throw conventional (aesthetics-based) fitness instruction out the window and instead focus on functional strength for injury-prevention and healthful aging. Practical Strength's three Foundations courses are built around the functional four (lunge, squat, plank, and push). Mastering these exercises, by rebuilding the body's foundation of strength, will automatically engage the proper muscle groups to work and relieve the compensatory ones that cause so much suffering and strain in the body.


Each training session in Practical Strength works to increase longevity in the joints and muscles using a reframed mindset around aging and orthopedic-approved movements. Nothing we do will harm or degrade the body's functions going forward. Everything we do will keep your body strong and able in the face of aging.


In month one, we'll begin at the very beginning. Our bodies are at different levels of comfort and discomfort. We begin rebuilding strength for proper alignment while sitting, standing, and moving. This will include learning:


- why netural spine alignment is the safest and most functional position to be in while performing movements and strength training

- the best three exercises to keep the spine in neutral alignment as strength is built (in this course and beyond)

- how to relieve painful shoulder knots and neck muscles by building foundational shoulder blade strength and awareness

- how to alleviate pain when walking and running using foot and ankle strengthing 

- static balance challenges to improve proprioception for more confidence in daily movements

- techniques to relax the muscular body and nourish the nervous system 

- how and when to properly stretch for flexibility in the body (hint: it is not before a workout!)

- how to incorporate the recommended props in a safe and effective way