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Practical Strength - Foundations Group Training

Practical Strength - Foundations Group Training



Practical Strength - Foundations begins the first Monday of every month.

Every M, W from 9:30-10:30AM

Stay on from 10:30-40 for stretching, Q&A

Recordings are sent following the class and are available for one week.


In Foundations, we'll begin at the very beginning. Our bodies are at different levels of sensory awareness, strength and mobility. We begin rebuilding strength and biomechanics for proper alignment while sitting, standing, and moving. This will include learning:


- What neutral spine is and why it is important 

-Healthy breathing techniques

- How to move and stabilize in the three planes of motion 

- The best three exercises for safe "core" strngthening

- Building safe strength for the shoulder/ neck 

- How to safely build strength for the foot/ ankle for walking/ running

- Techniques to relax the muscular body and nourish the nervous system 

- How to use the body scan to build sensory awareness


After our first month together, I highly recommend staying in the Foundations group training for 3 total months before moving onto Progressions group training.

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