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Movement Assessment 


You wouldn't wait until your teeth were falling out to see the dentist, would you? 

No Movement Assessments August 2023- January 2024- Trina will be busy teaching and in class!

Please consider signing up for Practical Strength 

Why don't we show our muscles, joints, skeleton the same TLC we shower upon our dental care? 

Did you know that many of the orthopedic pathologies we develop can be prevented with good biomechanics, and attention to strength, mobility and good movement control? 

1:1 movement assessments are a wonderful option to practice preventative medicine to support your long term musculoskeletal health. You will get a sense of movement strategies, strength and motion that you can work on to improve your outcomes. 

These assessments are ideal if you are a current member of Practical Strength and would like to have more individual time to create a specific biomechanics, strength and mobility plan just for you! 

All assessments are held via Zoom. 

An hour session includes:

- Biomechanics assessment of your most meaningful movements

- Strength tests to identify safety with functional activities

- Mobility checks to identify potential risks during activities

-Specific exercises to address issues identified during the assessment 

Please note, 1:1 Movement Assessments are not a substitute for personal medical care, but meant as an adjunct/ supplement to further your body's best path forward

Movement Assessments: $150/ hour

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