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Mindset + Movements

with Trina Mann, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Welcome to Mindset and Movements, education and classes that help you recall the wonderful movement and sensory experiences that are your true nature. Rebuild your relationship with movement and the physical body one step at a time, using current wisdom from biomechanics, neuroscience of sensation and orthopedics. 

Reconnect with your body's natural inclination toward health and learn how to use current movement science to preserve the ecology of your body so that you can do more of what you love. 

Let movement be your medicine

Did you know that you can learn movement habits to help protect your cartilage, bone and ligaments? There are ways of moving that can help stack the odds of health in your favor. You can learn practices for sensing the body that help promote more ease, safety and less discomfort in your body. 

As of yet, very few of us have been educated through our fitness practices to protect and nurture our function or listen to our sensations in a way that establishes more health. The wisdom tends to be scattered through many  fields of practice, and poorly transmitted to the public. 

Practical Strength training classes are here to help you reconnect with the language arising from your own body, to help you protect and nourish your body today and into the future. Our classes are based on the following concepts :

1) Change is created through self compassion- the way to less suffering is not through more suffering!

2) Fitness is not related to how our bodies look but how they function and feel

3) We can preserve our body's ecology through wise fitness perspectives and practices

4) Good strength training and movement choices are based on biomechanical and biologic sciences

5) Rest is a prerequisite for healing

6) Women need to focus on strength to preserve lifelong function

Take a step toward reconnecting and reawakening your physical body through working with sensory awareness and movement. 

Join our monthly group class, Practical Strength Foundations to get started on your journey. 

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