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Spine + Neuroanatomy Orthopedic Integration

Spine + Neuroanatomy Orthopedic Integration


The spine and neuroanatomy course includes:

  • 4 live lectures focusing on general orthopedic concepts in sensory and motor signaling, discussions about pain (special focus on chronic pain), exploration unique characteristics of the spine by region, concepts relating to protection of spinal structures

  • 4 live movement labs exploring spine posture, functional movement and neurodynamics, with specifics about progressing and containing movement following injury

  • Neuroanatomy + Spine Course Topics

    During this course, we will begin to demystify the spine by exploring a number of issues: 

    • Evidence based concepts in maintaining safety of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine with movement

    • Safe, effective progressive stabilization techniques for the spine

    • Basics of underlying functional neuroanatomy relating to sensory awareness and movement production

    • Tools for educating and safely working with clients with chronic pain 

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