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Just Do It ... Really!

When I sit down in the clinic during an initial interview with a prospective client, one of the questions I always ask is “what is your workout routine right now?” People will often answer that they walk three miles per day, workout with a trainer three times a week, attend pilates class four times per week. I have learned to follow up with: “when is the last time you walked 3 miles per day?” Invariably, people will respond “seven years ago” or “before my surgery (10 years ago)”.

The reason many of us stop moving is multifactorial: balance and safety concerns, pain, and changes in availability of fitness programs. One of the most important conditions you can provide for your health is some form of daily movement. I am suggesting that any movement practice is better than no movement at all. Spend some time today reflecting on what barrier(s) have cropped up preventing you from moving. If it is pain, gentle movement is a fantastic therapy. Concerns about safety and balance keeping you from moving? Take a walker, or 2 poles. Use a more advanced assistive device to assist you. Alternatively, search for a group class where someone will be there to assist your movements.

So, whether you dust off your hiking poles, or pull your leotard out from the bottom of the drawer, make sure that you are getting out today (and 5 additional days this week) for some form of exercise you enjoy. There are so many options out there!

Happy Moving!


P.S. Check out Dr. Wedy Suzuki’s TedTalk on exercise and neural health to get fired up!

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