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Fire Up Your Glutes! Workshop Recording

Fire Up Your Glutes! Workshop Recording


The gluteals are certainly having a moment, aren't they? Celebrities have famously been getting implants to make their backsides more volumous. Every celebrity trainer will weigh in on the best exercises for gluteal appearance. When I go to the gym, I see women who don't do any other form of strength training, working on their glutes. Yet what meaning do our glutes have, outside of solely making us look good in mom jeans? What is their role in keeping our movements optimal and functional? How do we best care for them, so they can in turn, help us? During my time in the clinic, I have become convinced that healthy gluteals are the missing key for many people looking to expand their physical health and function. During our workshop, we will have a chance to look at the anatomy or the glutes, explore how they help the back and the whole of the leg function, and learn the best techniques from movement science research to help fire up the powerhouse of our body. Unlock your glute potential once and for all!

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