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Welcome to Mindset and Movements, evidence-based training for real life.  Here you will find physical training and education programs steeped in orthopedic and neurologic clinical wisdom. If you suffer from chronic pain due to repeat patterns of sitting, straining, aggressive exercising, or just moving through your busy day, Mindset and Movements can help rebuild your body's structure for proper alignment and healthy aging.

In our work we will weave together the importance of mindset, plasticity, and self-compassion in order to achieve physical and educational goals. As a doctor of physical therapy with a clinical specialization in orthopedics, the smart exercise programs you find here will emphasize moving safely through your day. A big focus is injury and pathology reduction strategies as we age so that we can continue doing what we love. 


Training that protects the aging body, not degrades it.

How many times have you seen a sports athlete sidelined for months due to an injury? Or how many of you have a friend who loves running but complains she only has a year or two left in her knees? Perhaps even closer to home, how many of you have a yoga practice that appears to be causing your body stress rather than relieving it? The truth is, we all do. Because by spending time in our element, we paradoxically free ourselves from the prison of time — something we all need on the regular to stay sane. 

But instead of training our bodies for the activities we love with injury-prevention in mind, we hammer, strain, and force our bodies to perform and just, well, keep up with the schedule. It’s no wonder that statistics show that at least half of all regular runners become injured each year regardless of new shoe technology. As a doctor of physical therapy, I can tell you that in order to run safely, one must be able to do 20 single-leg calf raises, 20 single-leg bridges, 20 single-leg squats (all on both sides) along with a minimum one-minute long plank.

The point is, if you hike, swim, play tennis, climb, ski, sit at a desk all day, have kids or grandkids, play ball with your dog, compete in triathlons, or just live in a body that hasn't always been dependable, it may be time to rebuild your body’s foundation. It IS possible to continue doing what you love without experiencing chronic pain or injury as a result. And most of all, there is no need for pain in order to achieve gain. 

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