Practical Strength - Foundations 2-3

Practical Strength - Foundations 2-3


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- In month two, you'll begin to notice a marked improvement in your spinal and abdmoninal stability. This is because true strength in the body takes six-weeks to build. You will also feel the back of your body more engaged in every day life. You will begin to use less quads to propel you and way more glutes. Your head will naturally begin to retract as your trapezius muscles strengthen and properly support your neck. Overall, you'll feel a new lightness and freedom, moving towards a body where your head alignes above your shoulders, above your pelvis, above your knees, above your ankles, and above your heels.  


We will continue to progress our practical strength building by incorporating the following:  


- Maintaining neutral spine alignment while performing varied strength challenges

- Progressing further into the functional four exercises which serve as a benchmark and touchstone for lifelong strength training

- Move into single-leg and heel-lift strengthening which is necessary for proper balance and injury-free walking/running/hiking.


* * * 


- In month three, you will feel markedly changed in your day-to-day life. Neutral spine alignment will be a less conscious effort as your abdominal corset naturally turns on as needed. Your glutes, instead of your quads, will be the powerhouse muscles used to step, squat, and lunge. Your shoulder blades will stabilize themselves together and down your back rather than loosely hanging forward and down. Your posture and balance are noticebly improved.  


We will continue to progress our strength by exploring ever-increasing demands while prioritizing safety by:

- Selectively adding resistance to movements using bands and weights

- Challenging the functional four through single leg and arm challenges

- Advancing our balance challenges in creative ways

- Further incorporating movements that mimic our daily lives